After having worked in fitness for 10-years, coaching cyclists for 5 years and cycling competitively for 10-years, I have developed a strength and core training programme that will help you get stronger on a bike. Many athletes underestimate strength training but it can really help your performance as well as general well-being. The best time to start with strength training is during your off season and/or winter but you can also start while you’re racing. I can adjust the program to your own needs


  • Having a strong core is important for cycling but also for a healthy life.
  • A strong core and upper body helps you maintain correct posture on and off the bike.
  • It keeps your lower back and neck pain-free.
  • Prevention of osteoporosis.
  • Speeds up your metabolism and helps greatly with weight loss.
  • Strength training increases your power on the bike.

It also balances other muscles that you don’t use on the bike as much.

Helps to prevent injuries.

Fit Mommy

Get fit, strong and loose the baby weight

As a mom I know how important it is to feel good in your own body as well as to find time for ourselves to exercise and to be able to relax a bit. We want to spend as much time as we can with our little ones but if we are unhappy we won’t give them the right kind of attention. That’s why you have the option to bring your little one with and exercise together or you can leave your child at Club V with well trained professional care should you not have the nanny. Exercise helps greatly with post natal depression but also it’s great way to relax and feel good and confident in our bodies again.

Training options

  • Individual training 400 per session
  • Training in small group 2 – 4 other moms. 220 Rand per session / session is 50 mins

Training takes place at Virgin Active Green Point or Green Point park, Cape Town
Contact: Kate Slegrova
076 5791722

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