Cape Epic diary: Day 2

Day 2, 103km, 1500m ascent

Looking at the profile this should have been an easier and faster stage. But not after it rained whole night. We were lucky to have slept at my friends place in Robertson so had a good sleep in bed and we arrived early for breakfast and dry. But not dry for long. Standing at the start chute we were wet quickly. We had rain jackets on to keep warm at least. We came early enough to be at the front of the D chute ready to chase the C riders.


It was mud right from the start and pretty much all the way. My legs were not quite there but luckily got better after first hour. We went up and down a bit mostly on dual track and got to first water point happy with no mechanicals. I was very happy to see bananas and banana bread that weren’t there yesterday and took some with me. We lubed our chains and off we went towards McGregor. There were few shortish climbs and some single track that was actually rideable and I even had fun. My practice of mud riding from Cape Pioneer Track definitely paid off. Soon enough I saw McGregor town and we were welcome by lot of spectators cheering and great atmosphere. We washed our bikes a bit from more mud and our gears were getting harder to change but still worked.

Few longer climbs and I was starting to feel tired and my partner Celina kept calling come on Kate! Pedal down the hills and stop braking:) She gave me her pocket to hold on on few up hills as my pace was getting slower. It was only 30km from water point 3 and not too many up hills even though they were steep.

We were happy to finish in 6:16 mins and 8th ladies. This time we took pictures in the finish with our faces covered in mud. Then again marathon of washing and un-mudding the kit. We moved up to 10th place in overall.Apart from bananas and banana bread I also had Perpetuem and energy drink in my bottle plus 4 gels!

Tomorrow is a long stage of 134 kms and the camp is moving the Greyton.
I’m looking forward to Greyton Oaks Estate. The weather should be clearing up and hopefully the track will dry up too. Also I’m hoping my legs will keep up with Celinas hard pace tomorrow again and we won’t have any mechanicals.


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