Cape Epic diary: Day 4

Greyton – Greyton 88km, 1900m ascent.

Today might have seem as easier day but there is never easy day on Epic.
After good sleep in the tent I felt quite lazy and scared how I’m gonna get through this but was looking forward to the promised single track. And decided to try to stay positive and just enjoy it.

The first hour was pretty pain full to get my legs going. There were few k’s of gravel road so that helped. It was a bit up and down to the first water point at 30km.
After that steep single track climb came that definitely wasn’t easy. But the fun single track and amazing views on Greyton were worth the effort. Another 2 climbs and more fun single track in Grenandal area before 2nd water point that seem further away. Or did I just go slowly?


Second water point was in Greyton with again great atmosphere. More up and down and away from town we went getting closer to the Oaks Estate. We passed without stopping water point 3 as still had water and it was only 12km away from finish. Not easy 10kms though. We went up towards Lismore wine estate( delicious wine) and last steep viscous climb followed by smooth single track in forest and then all the way down to the finish.
Once there I had to go for anti doping control. Not that I went fast but as we had registered as UCI riders one has to do that. It was my first time ever so I was quite surprised that the nurse actually watches you taking a pee…

Once out I saw my sister that came to say hi and my sponsors from ITEC. They all look so clean and fresh comparing to me:)

We came in 11th again. Tomorrow is last big day and we are still 10th on GC but only 2 min gap. Khombisa ladies are getting stronger and me slower. My partner is very competitive though and will push me to keep the 10th. Wish me luck!


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