BreakAwayRides Calendar 2018 | Junior Mountain Biking Academy School Term 2 (10 Apr – 22 Jun)

Kate Slegrova in partnership with BreakAwayRides | Our weekly classes are based on a progression skills programme to ensure a quick learning curve. We identify your child’s skills level and allocate them to the correct group to ensure progression over the course of each term. We offer Beginner (Level 1-3), Intermediate (Level 4-7) and Advanced (Level 8-10) classes. Our programme focuses on skills and fitness training. We encourage our students to attend at least one race within close vicinity of Cape town each term. The race calendar will be released in the beginning of each term.

VIEW/DOWNLOAD PDF CALENDAR: Junior MTB Academy Schedule Term 2 2018

BreakAwayRides Calendar 2018 | Weekly Ladies Ride – Skills and Fitness Term 2 (10 Apr – 22 Jun)

Kate Slegrova in partnership with BreakAwayRides | Our Weekly Ladies Rides are meant to improve your fitness and skills on the bike. This is not a skills workshop but a training ride with the focus on skills application and fitness build up. Every training session is different but typically we include 15 minutes skills drills to repeat techniques and 85 minutes riding time in the trails to practice difficult sections and apply newly learned techniques. We give you lots of skills tips during the ride and practice everything you struggle with to transform you into a confident and skilled rider.

VIEW/DOWNLOAD PDF CALENDAR: Weekly Schedule Term 2 2018

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