Strength, Core and Mobility Training

Kate Slegrova


Why should you use a personal trainer?

  • The trainer makes a plan after chatting about your goals and exercise and health history.
  • Trainer knows what exercises are best for you to reach your goals.
  • Trainer makes you have fun while you are working hard and don’t even notice the hour is up.
  • Trainer motivates you to train regularly and makes sure you are performing exercises the correct way and don’t get injured!
  • The trainer uses the correct load, progress and recovery principles as well as asses your fitness regularly.

Benefits of Core and Strength Training

  • Having strong core is important for cycling but also for anybody’s life.
  • Strong core and upper body helps you maintain correct posture on and off the bike and keeps your lower back and neck pain free.
  • Prevention for osteoporosis
  • It speeds up your metabolism and helps greatly with weight loss.
  • Strength training increases your power on the bike. It also balances other muscles that you don’t use on bike as much.

I work at Virgin Active Green point as a personal trainer. I train clients individually or in small groups 3-4 people to make sure you do all exercises correctly whilst you still have fun.

I use pilates based exercises as well as body weight exercises and TRX suspension training and kettle bells. I choose functional training principle with lunge, squat, push, pull and twist patterns as well as mobility and stretch exercises to make sure your body is strong, mobile and flexible.

2024 Rates:

Strength, Core and Mobility Training

  • Personal training in Camps Bay Kates home studio R 435
  • Personal training in Atlantic Seaboard in comfort of your home R 495
  • Personal training in Camps Bay On Fit Boutique gym R 490
  • Small group training in Camps Bay Kate’s home studio 2-5 people R 325

Contact me to make appointment.

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