Why is nutrition so important for athletes?

by Kelly Schreuder


Nutrition will never replace the good training regime, basic skills and mental strength necessary for athletic performance, but it is critical to fuel your body sufficiently in preparation for and during a physically demanding event.

Nutrition in the first few hours after intensive training or an event is key to replenishing your muscle glycogen stores and rebuilding your body so that you can bounce back quickly.

Many athletes focus so much on short-term performance that they neglect their long-term wellness.

How can a dietician help?

A dietician has expertise in the design of eating plans that suit the varying lifestyle and performance goals of an individual. Using a combination of evidence-based nutrition science and a holistic approach to the physical, social, performance and lifestyle goals of an individual, a dietician can show you how to get the most from your diet on every level.

About Kelly

Kelly Schreuder is a registered dietician who runs her practice at the Velocity Sports Lab in Hout Bay. Kelly graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2007 and later moved to Vancouver where she completed professional culinary training to complement her dietetics. Kelly went on to work with Andrea Potter – a holistic nutritionist and chef – specialising in whole foods and vegan nutrition. Although she is not vegan, the experience broadened her perspective and shaped the way Kelly approaches food every day. Kelly returned to South Africa in 2011 and now works as a dietician and a chef in Cape Town, combining her love for creating delicious meals with a deep understanding of how to use food to enhance health and get the most from your body.


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